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Project Eliminate

Kiwanis International and UNICEF have combined forces to produce The Eliminate Project, which strives eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus worldwide. Every year, the lives of nearly 60 00 babies and a significant number of mothers are claimed by this fatal disease, with the effects of the disease suffered also being extremely painful. In effort to eliminate MNT from the world once and all, over 60 million women and their future babies need to be immunizes. An action which requires vaccines, syringes, transportation, safe storage, medical personnel and more, will take US $ 110 , the help of UNICEF and all Kiwanis members. Learn more...

How can you help ?

Participate in the E LEMON ATE challenge

Film yourself or your club members eating lemons and post it on social media so the message about eliminating maternal and neonatal tetanus is spread everywhere !

#theeliminateproject  #elemonatechallenge  #keyclub

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